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Jak X PlayStation 2 konsolille. Pohjoismaiden Platinum julkaisu.

Tunnetaan myös nimellä Jak X: Combat Racing.

Sisältö: Pelilevy, kotelo

Kunto: Käytetty

Aluekoodi: PAL

Kisaa elämästä ja kuolemasta

Jak X introduces both multiplayer and online racing action to the Jak and Daxter franchise. After Jak stopped the Dark Maker menace in his last adventure, cities were rebuilt, people flourished and sports reemerged. Combat racing became the biggest sport of all, as the excitement of high-speed competition brought crowds to the track. You are now a racer in this world, fighting for a right to be hailed as a champion. Race in head-to-head multiplayer action Unlock new decals, modifications, vehicles and a character when you play in conjunction with the upcoming Daxter PSP game Nearly an hour of cinematics as the exciting plot unfolds.

  • More than 10 racing tracks with 20 configurations -- plus reverse and mirror design for greater diversity
  • Collect weapons and power-ups like projectile weapons, ranged weapons, smart bombs, mines, catastrophic attacks, turbos, shields and more featuring various character drivers to choose from
  • Multiple play modes and non-linear progression - Racing, Time Trial, Time Box, Death Match and Team Death Match
  • Destructible elements within each track provides players additional challenge and fun
  • Add all kinds of accessories to your vehicles, including body parts, accoutrements, decals, paint patterns and colors, along with other special mods