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Wild Wild Racing PS2

Toimitusaika: 1-4 päivä(ä)


Wild Wild Racing PlayStation 2 konsolille.

Sisältö: Pelilevy, kotelo, ohjekirja

Kunto: Käytetty

Aluekoodi: PAL

Taking the rough and ready route of the driving genre, Wild Wild Racing opens up rough terrains to climb, scramble, jump and race around. Mix this with exhilarating stunts and you have the complete alternative driving test that will unleash the beast in everyone.

The aim is to get your hands on the Wild Wolf, the ultimate machine. This can only be done by completing all the challenges that lay ahead of the racers.

Wild Wild Racing offers a variety of gaming modes. The main championship mode requires you to gain enough points over a consecutive number of races in order to progress to the next level. With Beginner, Amateur, and Pro options available in the game, the learning curve should allow even first time players to experience the thrill of winning.

As well as the traditional single race and time trial modes, Wild Wild Racing offers a challenge mode, made up of different games. In "Quest," you must collect letters, and if you acquire enough to spell out the name of the vehicle than you win it. "Skill" finds you pushing a beach ball around a devilish obstacle course. "Stunt" tests your driving skills as you perform maneuvers not for the faint hearted.