• Toimituskulut alkaen 2,40€
  • Toimituskulut alkaen 2,40€

Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld Big Box PC CD-ROM

Toimitusaika: 1-4 päivä(ä)


Heroes Chronicles: Conquest of the Underworld PC tietokoneelle. CD Big Box versio.

Pelin pelaaminen moderneissa tietokoneissa voi vaatia säätämistä, kuten virtual machinen tai DOSBoxin käyttöä.

Sisältö: Pelilevy, kotelot, ohjekirja

Kunto: Käytetty

The Might and Magic role-playing series is almost as old as home computing itself. The Heroes Chronicles is a series of four story-driven strategy games set in the Might and Magic world and follows immortal hero Tarnum on separate adventures.

In Conquest of the Underworld, Tarnum is charged with the duty of escorting Queen Allison through the underworld to recover the kidnapped soul of her father and return it to its rightful place in paradise. You must protect her from demons and undead warriors who want to make sure that neither of you ever escape their necropolis.