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FIFA 09 All-Play Wii

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Toimitusaika: 1-4 päivä(ä)


FIFA 09 All-Play Nintendo Wii konsolille.

Sisältö: Pelilevy, kotelo

Kunto: Käytetty

Aluekoodi: PAL

Get back on the football field and kick it with the best teams and players in the world in FIFA 09 All-Play for Wii.

Introducing a range of new ways to control the action on the pitch, FIFA 09 All-Play invites everyone who loves the beautiful game to get involved, no matter what their previous experience level.

With over 500 teams to choose from, all your favourite players, a new manager mode, and improved controls that let you use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to accurately control the action on the field, FIFA 09 All-Play is crammed with all the depth players have come to expect from the franchise.

Choose to play the style that best suits your skills, from advanced controls for experienced players, to new EA Sports All-Play that enables novice players to focus on fun using simplified controls with computer assistance. EA Sports All-Play makes it easier and less intimidating for new players to play at their own level of ability. One gesture and one button press performs all the actions and increases your success rate on shots, free kicks and rebounds.

Experienced players using advanced controls can still access all the in-depth options they're used to, take advantage of refined Wii Remote and Nunchuk gestures and a precision passing system with point-and-play control. The option of using a Classic Controller or Nintendo GameCube controller mean you can also enjoy a more traditional FIFA game experience.

Ensuring you have lots of ways to play, FIFA 09 All-Play features a host of game modes to keep you busy. Whether competing with your Mii in the 8 vs 8 Footii Match mode, guiding your club’s destiny in Manager mode or taking on all-comers online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you’ll never tire of ways to kick it.

  • Control the action with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, selecting a control scheme that suits your level of experience.
  • Choose from over 500 real teams and compete in a wide range of game modes.