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Donkey Kong Classics NES

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Donkey Kong Classics 8-bit Nintendo konsolille.

Pelikasetti sisältää alkuperäisen Donkey Kong pelin sekä Donkey Kong Jr. pelin.

Sisältö: Pelikasetti

Kunto: Käytetty

Aluekoodi: PAL-B

Donkey Kong is back in “Donkey Kong Classics” for the Nintendo Entertainment System. This game is a compilation of two classic arcade titles, “Donkey Kong Jr.” and the original “Donkey Kong.” Both of these games are identical to the original NES release. Every stage, enemy, and item is present in this NES version, and the menu screen allows you to select which game you want to play. “Donkey Kong” was one of Nintendo's first games. Released in the arcade in 1981, it was the first appearance of Jumpman. Jumpman would later be renamed Mario and appear in other NES games as well.