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Donkey Kong 64 JAP N64

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Donkey Kong 64 Nintendo 64 konsolille.

Japanilainen julkaisu, vaatii japanilaisen konsolin toimiakseen.

Peli tarvitsee Expansion Pak lisämuistin toimiakseen.

Sisältö: Pelikasetti

Kunto: Käytetty

Aluekoodi: NTSC-J

With Donkey Kong 64, the beast was back and bigger than ever. The great ape’s first 3D adventure was so massive it required the revolutionary Nintendo 64 Expansion Pak just to power it. That little red-headed plug-in powerhouse came packaged with every copy of the game, and provided the already impressive specs of the Nintendo 64 with a whopping 4 extra mega-bytes of DRAM. What all that techno-babble means is that Nintendo’s biggest console could now generate more expansive worlds to explore, higher-resolution graphics, eye-popping frame rates, a new cinematic widescreen mode and groundbreaking day-to-night lighting effects that were all debuted in Donkey Kong 64. With 8 sprawling worlds, 5 playable primates, hundreds of unique Kong quests and mini-games, as well as 6 different multiplayer modes, the scope of this collect-a-thon adventure was absolutely bananas! Undeniably an N64 classic that will make fans, new and old, go ape!

  • Don't forget the mini games! Challenge a seal to a race around the lagoon. go on a crazy mine cart ride, and be on the lookout for a blast from the past..
  • Four Players can join in on super split screen action or duke it out in a single screen free for all.
  • Use of the required Expansion Pak(not included) allows incredible real time lighting effects and massive environments.