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Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune (HK/ASIA) PS4

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Toimitusaika: 1-4 päivä(ä)


Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune PlayStation 4 konsolille.

Hong Kong / Aasia julkaisu englanninkielisillä tekstityksillä.

PS4 on aluekoodivapaa, joten se tukee myös muissa maissa julkaistuja pelejä.

Sisältö: Pelilevy, kotelo ja mainoslaput

Kunto: Käytetty

Aluekoodi: HK/ASIA

Pelin ikäraja K-18

DLC lisäsisällön lataaminen vaatii HK-tilin luomisen

Lähde rantalomalle DOA:n tyttöjen kanssa!

The latest "Dead or Alive" series spinoff, featuring girls having fun in the sun in the south seas, is here! Enhanced graphics and the updated "Soft Engine" make this the most alluring game around! Enjoy your dream vacation!

DOAX3 carries on the tradition of this spin-off by taking the girls of Dead Or Alive and pitting them in a no holds barred beach vacation filled with mini-games designed to showcase the new technological advances of the series. There is volleyball or something!

By using the upgraded Soft Engine 2.0 for the PS4 Version (an improved breast engine based off Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round) and the Soft Engine Lite (PS Vita Version), 4 main changes have been made to the character models. New skin shaders give off a realistic and healthy vibrancy, and breast physics has been fine-tuned for maximum voluptuousness. As well, game changing booty physics has been fleshed out, along with the fact that no other game contains such realistic tanning. The mainstay Camera Mode also returns and will be compatible with the upcoming PlayStation VR.

There are 9 characters in the roster, selected based on a popularity contest where the results were announced during the Tokyo Game Show 2015: Marie Rose, Honoka, Kasumi, Ayane, Kokoro, Nyotengu, Hitomi, Momiji, and Helena Douglas.